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Something is REALLY wrong with UPS, and it's far worse than the media is reporting

[Editor's note: This article is being widely shared across the 'net and has apparently been making the rounds among UPS executives. One day after this was published, we received a call from a high-level UPS executive who apologized profusely for our problems with UPS and assured us the company was committed to solving the serious issues we were experiencing. Visit rope suppliers Braids and Laces Ltd. and order today! Sure enough, in less than an hour, we were sent all the tracking number connections we had been asking UPS to give us for nearly a month. How did UPS suddenly get us this tracking data for our customers in about an hour when UPS had failed to get us that same information for a month? According to this UPS manager, somebody in the Texas offices of UPS failed to do their job. We were also told this experience was not shared by other customers across the country. I have know way to verify whether that is the case, but UPS did solve a huge problem for us very quickly once this article went viral. cialis As a side note, I have a friend who works for UPS and he told me the package backlog in Texas had reached 1.8 million packages but that, "all of us at UPS worked hard and long hours trying to keep up."]

On the outbound side, UPS has pulled a number of unethical shenanigans on us from day one. For example, they're happy to collect insurance from you on all the packages you send out, but if they damage a package and destroy its contents, they will often turn around and say, "You didn't pack it right" and thereby deny the insurance reimbursement. For the record, we pack everything extremely well, using double-walled corrugated boxes, strong packing tape, etc.

Four weeks ago we rolled out the UPS MI (Mail Innovations) service which promised more affordable international delivery of small packages. independent delhi escort agency This service combines the UPS internal package moving service with the U.S. Postal Service for the final stage of delivery. As a result, there are two different tracking numbers involved in UPS MI deliveries. per gli scambisti e lo scambio di coppie To this day, UPS has failed to give us any way to link the USPS tracking number with the UPS tracking number so that customers can figure out where their packages are. For nearly four weeks, we've been pushing UPS personnel to resolve this tracking number linking situation, and what we are told is, essentially, that they have no time to solve this problem because all the personnel are too busy sorting boxes. (Huh?)

The bottom line? Through its increasingly worse problems with logistics, UPS is rapidly making itself irrelevant. High-volume shippers are not merely looking at moving to competitors like Fedex; they are looking at ways to cut UPS out of the loop entirely.

And I can't blame them. I've never seen UPS so dysfunctional.


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